Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sweatpants Across Europa: Norway

A decade ago, I applied for a work visa in Britain and used it to work and travel for several months. This is that story. To begin at the beginning, ghere. You can pick up a hard copy here or download the PDF here.

With our British work visas quickly expiring and a bit of savings in our pockets, we decided to take an extended trip through continental Europe. We caught a discount flight from London to Oslo, though when Ryan Air flew to Oslo, they meant “an area near Oslo, or any area in which the residents may have heard of Oslo.” The airport was several hours from town, but it wasn’t all bad. Our bus ride took us past mile after mile of Norwegian pines and beautiful red and white farmhouses. We weren't in a hurry, and found Norway to be a wonderful place to view from a bus window.

Once in Oslo, we needed to find a place to stay. Fortunately, the city was well-prepared for us. We waltzed into the student tourist center and within minutes, a friendly employee made a few calls and found us some open beds.

Our days included trips to the Viking Ship Museum, the Kon Tiki Museum, and a strange, fairly deserted reconstruction of a traditional Norwegian village. Oslo was beautiful and calm, though a bit sleepier and more expensive than most capital cities. Therefore, we decided to keep our visit short and move on to…