Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Steve and Jerry

If you're aspiring to create software of your very own, something the world finds useful and you find fulfilling, read Steve McConnell's Code Complete. It's hefty, but full of good advice backed by research. I can't speak for the whole book yet. I'm on page 67 of nearly 900. But he's already convinced me that requirements are worth the time it takes to write them. So read it! You can thank me later.

Your second piece of unsolicited advice comes from Jerry Seinfeld: work on your project a little every day. I've tried the Big Bang work schedule, working from 9 - 1 AM once a week, and I've tried the Little Bangs work schedule, working from 9 - 10 PM every day possible. Little Bangs works much better. In my experience, they are more productive, more encouraging, less stressful, and less tiring. But don't take it from me. Take five minutes to read this, then get your little bit of work in today!