Thursday, December 28, 2006

Joey Purrrr Day 1

Recently, my friend Mike S. began emailing a series of masterpiece sketches, collectively known as the Joey Purrrr Adventures, involving a cat and his friends. The drawings are very interesting in a trippy sort of way, so I want the world to know about them. In theory, these works are full of inside jokes and are therefore of limited appeal and un-blog-worthy. However, I don't have a problem posting them because I don't have any idea what he's drawing and if there are inside jokes, I don't get them. See for yourself if they contain any meaning whatsoever. If you want to see more detail, simply click on the image.

Here is Mike's first entry, entitled "Joey Purrrr Adventures Day 1: Lollipop with Friends".

Joey Prrrr, enjoying a lollipop with friends